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X-Ray is a Session Management Environment for Unix, which is comparable to Windows TermialServer. It allows the user to disconnect his actual session and continue from any other computer at the very same state he left the session before. X-Ray offers you a native session management for X applications like VNC or SunRay with remote (dis)connects to a server-side running session. But instead of sending pixmap deltas, Xray sends the native X commands over the wire. This allows usage of eg. the X compression proxy ML-View , it should work perfectly with any application firewall really sniffing the X commands, and is also capable of using hardware accelerations on the client-sides' graphics card.

The additional tools include xray[dis]connect commands, which allow multiple users connecting from different clients, but using the same server by attaching Xray instances to their UID. It also comes with the necessary server-tools and the control daemon (X-Ray Hub).
There is also a tool xrayps, which gives you information about online and/or connected sessions.
Read the INSTALL file on the Demo!


Read this Detailed Introduction Paper (128 KB). There is at a short slideshow (160 KB) available, which tries to explain some basic internals. Or, since this is part of my master thesis, find my master thesis here (885 KB). A german abstract is also available.


An X-Ray Demo-Version is available, please ask.

Please write an e-mail to Michael Kropfberger.

Sound Forwarding

I have extended A.J. Bybells dsproxy to support multi-user sound roaming over the session life-time. Find my version here: dsproxy-0.3 (25KB).
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