ViTooKi -- The Video Toolkit

General Information

ViTooKi is an open source Video-ToolKit with full support for adaptive standard compliant video streaming and proxy caching. It is available on SourceForge: ViTooKi at SourceForge.

It consists of a multiplatform library and various applications like a server, player, proxy, transcoder and DVD ripper.
The library is using ffmpeg and/or xvid and/or isomp4 library, therefore it is very open on new video and audio formats and system stream formats.
Adaptation is used on the server/proxy side to transcode videos in real-time to the terminal properties specified by a client. Transcoding implementations exist for the temporal (B-, P-frames dropping), spatial (resolution) and quality domain.
Streaming is done via the UCL RTP library with various extensions on RTCP feedback and intelligent retransmission of important frames. X-Ray is a Session Management Environment for Unix, which is comparable to Windows TermialServer. It allows the user to disconnect his actual session and continue from any other computer at the very same state he left the session before.


You'll find general ViTooKi documentation and class descriptions on the main ViTooki Site. If you want to know more technical Info on the networking and MPEG-4 adaptive coding part, feel free to download my Ph.D. Thesis written in October 2004
Multimedia Streaming over Best Effort Networks using Multi-Level Adaptation and Buffer Smoothing Algorithms    pdf
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