Moza Air 2 mounting ring

The price is 45 EUR plus 10 EUR shipping in Europe, or 15 EUR to USA/World.
You get the alloy ring, the weebill adapter and all screws needed. Total weight: 132g
You only have to get the smallrig handle and other accessories like a set of allen keys.
I suggest the screwed handle, not a nato handle, since you have more room for your thumb to reach the joystick.
For example, this cheap one would fit perfectly.

If you want it, just paypal me ( michael [at*sign] kropfberger [dooot] com ) and let me know your postal address and full real name!

If you have questions, also just send me an email to michael [at*sign] kropfberger [dooot] com

Here is also a review of the well-known youtuber Tom Antos:

Pics from another happy customer here: