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The K Desktop Environment 

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    KPvm v0.13 [programmers only] (16 Jul 1998)

    • is an object-oriented wrapper for the C-pvm3-libaries used for parallel virtual machines

    • uses all Qt-features as SIGNALS/SLOTS, QString ...

    • package includes libraries and demo programs

    • look at the source documentation available in HTML!

    • go to the download section 

      Bug reports, greetings and comments to Michael Kropfberger  

    KDiskFree and KwikDisk v0.5.1 (18 Apr 1999)

      newest KDE2 version is available via CVS!

    • Graphically shows you the disk usage on your system and updates itself in definable intervals

    • quickly mount/unmount devices by clicking the device name

    • allows you to specify a mount/umount command vor every device/mountpoint

    • intelligently shows different icons for floppy, cdrom etc

    • allows you to set your own icons for devices

    • shows different icons for root-only-mountable devices

    • opens a file dialog on the clicked mountpoint 

    • the file dialog is definable so one could prefer mc to kfm 

    • usable in the KControlCenter but also »standalone«

    • NEW! KwikDisk docks into the KPanel and gives you quick mount/umount access and quick info about your devices

    • Screenshot of KwikDisk (37KB) 

    • Screenshot as standalone app (15KB) 

    • Screenshot in KControlCenter (31KB) 

    • full screenshot of all kdf + config-windows (31KB) 

    • Screenshot in a personal (smaller) configuration (9KB) 


    • DOWNLOAD: kdf-0.5.1.tgz (seems stable, with KwikDisk)(190KB) 

    • DOWNLOAD: kdf-0.3.15.tgz (stable, without KwikDisk)(159KB) 

      Bug reports, greetings and comments to Michael Kropfberger  

    KHeise v0.5 (03 Feb 1999)

    • ein KDE-Frontend für das Heise-Register...
    • ermöglicht das einfache Suchen nach Wörtern in Artikeln aus den Zeitschriften c't, iX, Gateway 
    • Neueste Heft-Updates auf dem Heise-Server via http oder direkt über ftp erhältlich 
    • Screenshot (51KB) 
    • enthält sources, binary (ELF-Linux 2.0.x) und die 2MB-große Heise-Datenbank (Stand: 01/99) 
    • kheise-0.5.tgz (900KB) 

      Bug reports, greetings and comments to Michael Kropfberger  

    KStrListEdit v0.3 [programmers only] (03 Feb 1999)

    • KDE-Widget for the effective manipulation of QStrLists
    • provides QAccel (CursorUp, CursorDown, PageUp, PageDown) all CursorControls , a "Delete the current line"-Button and a "Insert a line at current line"-Button is shown
    • Screenshot (51KB) in use with my KHeise
    • if you want to use it in your own apps, just download KHeise and include "klistedit.h"
      loadable modules and a nicer documentation follow, if there is REAL need for it... so email me!

      Bug reports, greetings and comments to Michael Kropfberger  


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